BRAND NEW BlueSmart Carry-On Luggage Smart Suitcase Bluetooth Gps Connect Iphone

Only $250.00
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Dimensions: 22″ x 14″ x 9″
Your Bluesmart Carry-on will fit in almost all airline cabins. Please check on your airline website if any doubts.Weight: 9.4lbs / 4.26 Kgs
We have selected extremely light materials, like polycarbonate and aluminum, to keep the weight of the suitcase at a minimum.Storage: 34L
The main compartment provides large space for clothes, shoes, and coats. The secondary compartment is able to accommodate up to a 15″ laptop.

Connectivity: BLE + 3G + GPS
Connect seamlessly via BLE to your phone. Global coverage is provided in partnership with Telefonica. Track your suitcase anywhere in the world.Compatibility: iOS and Android
Bluesmart works with iOS and Android. Apple Watch app is in the works. Android devices must support BLE in order to be compatible.Materials: Hard and light-weight
Our special three-layer polycarbonate gives the main body unique lightweight strength.USB ports
Your carry-on provides you with 2 standard USB ports. You can charge any USB device such as phones, tablets, ebooks, cameras and more.10.000 mAh battery
This means the battery is huge. Most phones can be charged up to 6 times.USB charger included
USB cable charger is included. You can use any standard adaptor to connect your suitcase to a USB port to charge it.

Only $250.00
Buy with confidence

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