My End Is My Beginning: A Traveller’s Tale Herbert J. Sharp

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Title: My End Is My Beginning: A Traveller’s Tale
Author: Herbert J. Sharp

Publisher:Booksurge Llc Publication Date:Feb-14-2007 Pages:340 Binding:Paperback Dimensions:8.00 (W) x 10.50 (H) x 0.84 (D) ISBN:1419662023 BISACSubjects_Heading:Body, Mind & Spirit / Spirituality / General

Description: Dr. H. J. Sharp’s vision of The Work is vast in scope, whether expressed in Gurdjieffian terms; in terms of other esoteric traditions; or in terms of modern scientific discoveries. My End is My Beginning represents the accumulated knowledge of one man in his quest for ultimate truth, and can serve as an important guide for each of us in our own search for truth. — Createspace

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Only $53.26
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