TravelJohn Jr.-Disposable Urinal Bags( 6 pack)

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TravelJohn Jr.-Disposable Urinal Bags( 6 pack)

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Product Features

Revolutionary “bag with a bag” design Small and light weight volume indicatorNon-toxic, odorless, spill proof gelNo closure needed, reusable until it is fullWaste disposal safe-simply throw awayLIQSORB super absorbent polymer pouch included

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Product Description

TRAVELJOHN JR disposable urinals are designed for boys and girls 2 years old an up. They are convenient, unisexed, sanitary, personal urinals containing “Liqsorb”, the key ingredient that makes this work. Liqsorb is a combination of an exclusive biodegradable non-woven fabric pouch containing a biodegradable polymer substance that immobilizes bacterial growth quickly – absorbing liquid waste and turning it into an odorless, spill-proof solid gel bag that is non-toxic and waste disposal safe. The unisex adapter makes it easy for anyone and everyone, even children, to use while sitting (providing there is the use of gravity with an unobstructed, free-flowing opening) or standing, and a spill guard prevents back flow during use. The TRAVELJOHN JR urinal will hold up to 20 ounces (600cc), provides a volume indicator, is leakproof, hygenic, compact and easy to use. NO CLEAN UP, just use and throw away without the worry of spilling or contamination.

THESE ARE GREAT FOR POTTY TRAINING or when children “gotta go” Dimensions: Folded: 2″x2″x5″, Unfolded: 5″x11″, Weight: 1.5 oz unused. Useful tip: During use, hold the gel bag toward the bottom of the urinal avoiding the chance of it floating up to the lip of the opening to assure a spill-proof experience. GREAT FOR PEEMERGENCIES, These are strongly recommended for ER preparedness (emergency preparedness) supply kits and/or Essential Disaster Kits AS PART OF THE COMBINATION DISPOSABLE BATHROOM KIT for use as an emergency or camping bathroom (Also see TRAVELJOHN SOLID WASTE COLLECTION KIT or DAILY RESTROOM KIT for information on other components of the emergency preparedness supply kit). They are also indispensable for: Traffic Jams, Camping, Boating, Hunting, Golfing, Biking, Hiking, Motion or Air Sickness, Crowded public gatherings with no available restroom facilities (please use descretion) – Anytime a restroom (loo) isn’t available or is very unsanitary.

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Only $13.13
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