Why Is Airline Food Usually Crap?

Why Is Airline Food Usually CrapSo you have booked your dream vacation, it has cost you a lot of money, and you then have months to go before the flight. As time ticks on your anticipation of the holiday grows, until the big day comes, and you leave your home to travel to the airport. If you are organized properly, then you get through to the gate within thirty minutes of arriving at the airport. Your plane is soon ready, and you board and sit yourself in your seat to get comfortable. The flight takes off bang on time and you are on your way.

This scenario plays out for millions every year, and once the flight is in the air, it is a great feeling. You can sit back and relax until you reach the destination that you have been dreaming of for a long time. A couple of hours into the flight, you realize that you are hungry, and as if on cue, you smell the food in the galley being prepared. Before long the flight attendant is handing out the food, and you get the choice of beef or chicken. Which is the norm on most flights, unless a special meal was ordered in advance.

The tray is put in front of you and consists of some bread, a small bowl of fruit, a bit of cake, and the main meal covered in foil. With your heart beating fast, and the anticipation and excitement rising, you remove the foil. The smell hits you and the first thing you think of is, “What the hell is that?”. In an instant your dreams are shattered, and you are wondering what you have been given.

You took the chicken option, while your wife next to you had the beef. Neither of them look appetizing. You dive in to see what it tastes like, hoping it does not resemble what it smells like. Luck is not with you though, what you thought was rice tastes more like mud. The chicken is like eating grit, and the sauce tastes like something you would only find on the floor in a farm.

So, how do some airlines manage to totally trash food? Cooking rice and potatoes is easy. As is steaming vegetables. Even cooking the chicken or beef is relatively simple, although cooking in bulk usually means it is overcooked. All of that is edible though, so what goes wrong between that stage and the eating of it?

Quite simply, it is two things. The airline has to feed people from all over the world, and unless they are English, they do not like bland food. The airlines also like to advertise that they have at the very least consulted a well known chef, and these two points mean that they try to be clever with the food. So they add spices and sauce. It is these that often ruins the food. They can make it soggy and overpowered with herbs and other things.

There is a simple solution to this problem. They cook the basic food, and supply it in bland form. They then supply a separate tub with the mixture of herbs and sauce in it. That way, if people do not like it, then they do not have to spend an hour scrapping it off the food just so that they can eat.

Of course, they way to avoid this scenario is to order a special meal in advance, such as fish, or vegetarian. You can also even order bland, now that will put a smile on the faces of English folk.

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