Exploring the Philippine Islands

The Philippines is the last true island empire, as it was called many centuries ago by its Spanish rulers. With a few hundred islands scattered over a dozen big islands in the Northern and Southern parts of the country, the Philippines is truly one of the most diverse places to visit in the world. In fact, you will not see two different countries with the same kind of cultural influences in the Philippines. There are influences from Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, German, and even Portuguese. This diversity is further highlighted by the fact that the Philippines has around seventy-five different ethnic groups – Christians, Muslims, and the people who practice folk or shamanistic beliefs.

The largest island of the Philippines is the island of Cavite, which is home to the popular tourist attraction, the San Quentin Island. Most of the islands have white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, which make them very popular among tourists. Other popular destinations include Puerto Princesa Island, Boracay Island, Isabela Island, and Sinulog Beach. Even though there are many other islands in the Philippines, these are the most popular.

Most visitors to the Philippines come here to enjoy its rich culture and natural beauty, which is why the tourism industry has grown exponentially. Aside from visiting the islands and exploring its natural beauty, visitors can also do some shopping here. There are many departmental stores and boutiques for the tourists to choose from. In fact, if you want to buy souvenirs, you can go to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which has a large number of foreign vendors. And the best part about all is that almost everything is very affordable, thus, making it easy for all vacationers to enjoy their trip.

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