Fast Food Outlets In Manila

Fast Food Outlets In ManilaWe all get hungry, and sometimes we just want something quick to eat. This is where fast food comes into our lives, and Manila is full of fast food outlets. Some of them are local to the Philippines, while others are well known world brands. Whichever one is used, the food is acceptable, although do not expect anything of high quality. The good thing about the fast food outlets in this country is that they are very affordable, and the menu is biased towards Asian food types. Although fries are still available, most of them supply rice.

If you are visiting from Europe or North America, then some of the food options in the big brand name outlets may come as a shock. McDonalds serve beautifully cooked chicken pieces, fried in a light colored crispy batter. The chicken is always juicy, and the batter has a good taste to it.

KFC comes in original flavor, but others are available, and they are all really nice. In fact, it can be difficult to choose, so if you are getting a selection of pieces, ask for a mix of coatings. Chicken pieces in Asian KFC’s are not as big as those found in the west, due to a different breed of poultry being used.

Jollibee belongs to the Philippines, and is loved by the locals. It is a cross between KFC and McDonalds, and most meals are served with rice or mashed potato. It is the lowest quality of the main outlets, but also the cheapest. The food is acceptable though.

Chowking is an Asian only fast food outlet, and generally sells some basic Asian fair. It is a big hit with the locals as the costs are low, but some westerners may find the food a little too basic. There is a wide selection available, though, so it does not cost much to arrange a little buffet to test the different meals available.

One thing is for certain, when in Manila, you are never going to get hungry. There is always a food outlet a block away at most.

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