Flying On The Airbus A380 Is A Pleasure

Flying On The Airbus A380When a new aircraft is launched, the first question is, “how safe is it”? This is why, although I am always dying to try out a new plane, I always give them two years to be in service before I book on one. You only have to look at all of the problems that Boeing had with the Dreamliner, although they seem to have been sorted out now. Of course you will always get minor niggles with a new plane, but as long as the wings don’t drop off, I don’t mind them.

My first flight on the A380 was from London, Heathrow to Singapore, and it is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. The first thing that you notice when walking onto the plane is the space. I was booked on the upper floor, and even with the fuselage sloping in, it was still huge. Later on during the flight, I took a walk downstairs, and was equally impressed with the size.

The seating arrangement on the Singapore Airline flight was to have two aisles. I always select a window seat near the back of the plane. This can sometimes mean a little less legroom as the fuselage closes in, but it is much more comfortable when traveling with the wife, as I only have to annoy her when I get up to go for a walk, or visit the loo. Talking of which, even the toilets on the A380 are a good size.

The most impressive thing that I found was the amount of storage area. Even though this flight was only about 90% full, there was plenty of storage space left. Having storage next to the window that was big enough to sleep in is a real treat. Another bonus is the easy it is to power up a laptop or other mobile device during the flight.

The seats are very comfortable, although standard airline one. This is due to the extra width and legroom that you get on this aircraft. With so much room on the plane, I was walking around at least once every hour to keep the blood flowing. As with all SIA flights, the food is always excellent, and something to look forward too. While the staff are always pleasant. One thing that other airlines could learn from is to walk up and down the aisles frequently with drinks.

If you get the chance to select which aircraft you can fly on, then see if the option is there to travel on an Airbus A380. I promise you, it will be a relaxing flight.

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