Luggage Locks, EnGive TSA Approved Cable Combination Luggage Locks, 2 Packs

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The Lotoons Store Luggage Locks, EnGive TSA Approved Cable Combination Luggage Locks, 2 Packs



Summary EnGive TSA accepted cable combination luggage lock

Lock secures your luggage and bags just travel no worries.

-With set-your-own combination convenience, you don’t have to worry about losing the key while you travel.
-Secure your baggage when are in airport, railway station and hotel room.
-TSA approved, No need to have unlocked baggage while traveling anymore. The red-and-white TSA logo on the lock notifies screener that they can unlock and re-lock your baggage without having to break the lock open.
-Flexible steel cable makes threading the cable through small zipper holes easy.
How to set your combination lock:
1, Set dials to factory preset combination 0-0-0.
2, Push down the button on the top of the lock and the cable tip will pop open.
3, Push the button into lock per the direction of the arrow. Hold button in until you has completed setting your personal combination in step4.
4, Turn the details to your desired personal combination. Write down your selected personal combination for future reference.
5, Release the button. Hold cable tip and insert the cable tip into the hole until it snaps into closed position.
6, Rotate dials to lock.
7, To open your lock/turn the dials to your combination and push the top button down. The cable hasp will pop open. Keep your combination in a safe and accessible place for future reference.

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ENGIVE(TM) -USPTO# 85872504- is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law.
” ENGIVE(TM) products are sold by authorized sellers only”.

Specifications – Lock size:80*30*10mm, cable diameter: 4.5mm, distance between cables: 12.5mm;
– Strong, high quality construction Zinc Alloy material.
– Secure, Make your luggage safe when you are in hotel, airport and railway station.
– TSA accepted, TSA agent won’t cut off your lock and relock your luggage when inspect because of that acceptable by TSA.
– Easy to use, 3- dial combination lock can be set and reset to any combination you like.

Luggage Locks, EnGive TSA Approved Cable Combination Luggage Locks, 2 Packs

Luggage Locks, EnGive TSA Approved Cable Combination Luggage Locks, 2 Packs

Luggage Locks, EnGive TSA Approved Cable Combination Luggage Locks, 2 Packs
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