You Must Visit The Mall Of Asia (MOA) In Manila

Visit The Mall Of Asia If you love shopping, then the Mall Of Asia, situated in Manila, is a must see. It is actually in City, Pasay, Philippines, right on the sea front. SM Prime Holdings own the mall, along with many others in the country, but MOA is by far the biggest of them all, and the best. You need to have good stamina for this mall, as it covers a total of 42 hectares. Each day, over 200,000 people visit the place, and even with that many, the place never seems to be full. Although, there may be a queue in some stores during weekends and holidays.

Regardless of what it is that you are shopping for, you will find it in MOA, along with plenty of restaurants. It is in fact the tenth largest mall in the world. All well known brands from around the world are sold in the mall, and it is possible to haggle over prices to get a better deal. Western tourists tend not to haggle, and just pay the price shown, but they are missing out on saving some money.

The mall includes a large theatre, which has hosted many film releases in the past, with the stars of the film in attendance. What is weird about the place, is the ice rink. This has proved to be very popular with the locals. As it is an Olympic size rink, it has been used to host many competitions.

Not content with being one of the biggest malls around, it is being expanded, with a new floor being added. This is expected to be completed in 2017.

Getting to the place is easy from anywhere in Manila. There is plenty of parking for cars, most buses pass the area, as do jeepneys. Going there in a taxi is also simple. Of course, Manila is well known for its traffic problems, and it can take a while getting to MOA from certain areas. In fact, it is possible to get to it quicker from Lake Taal in Cavite, quicker than eastern Manila. Still, it is worth the hassling of sitting in the traffic to enjoy a fantastic day shopping.

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