Should Noisy Kids Be Allowed On Long Haul Flights?

Should Noisy Kids Be Allowed On Long Haul FlightsRecently, a family was in the news as a child of theirs was thrown off a plane when she became disruptive. The plane had to make a diversion after the child and mother had been repeatedly warned. The mother is now suing the airline saying that they are against children with autism, a case which I believe she will not win. Regardless of what was wrong with the child, plenty of witnesses said she was being totally disruptive, and was scaring other passengers. As the safety of all passengers is the responsibility of the pilot, then he had no other choice but to land and throw the girl and her mother off.

The girl’s illness was never an issue, it was her behavior. She had obviously flown previously and not presented a problem, so it was possible for her to behave. The mother has tried to make it sound like it was all the airline’s fault, but witnesses say otherwise. This brings me to a bigger question of whether screaming babies, and kids who kick the chair in front, along with a list of other things, should be allowed on a long haul flight.

Some airlines having even been considering child only areas on a plane, but in such a confined space, it would be impossible to get rid of the noise from screaming kids and babies. Long haul flights are filled with people from all over the world, many of them in various time zones. Walk down the aisle of any long haul flight and you will always find people asleep. Unless you are in First Class, then an aircraft is not the most comfy place to sleep, so the last thing you want it an annoying noise keeping you awake.

Most babies are pretty quiet, and only cry because they are bored, hungry or want a nappy change. This crying does not last for long and is acceptable. What is annoying is parents who do not realize that on take-off and landing, the baby is probably screaming due to the pain in their ears. I have lost count on how many of them, I have said that the baby needs to be drinking during these times in order to pop their ears.

Kids just being a pain in the ass are a different story though. Kids kicking a chair are one of the most annoying things around, and yet most parents will tell the complainant to go and jump, rather than sought the child out. When kids on flights are being very disruptive, the passengers should take a vote and then get the airline to do something about the problem. We all pay or money for a comfortable flight, and the airline should ensue that is the case. If that means banning or throwing a child off the flight, then that is fine with me.

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