NW Travel Gear RFID Blocking Neck Wallet and Passport / Document Holder for Men

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NW Travel Gear RFID Blocking Neck Wallet and Passport / Document Holder for Men & Women – Simple, Light and Durable Design – Perfect for Travel, Leisure and Outdoor Activities – Great for Families and Travelers

? RFID PROOF TRAVEL ORGANIZER – Protects from identity theft. The pouch is lightweight with multiple sleeves that holds all personal belongings safely and securely. The RFID proof blocks scanners from acquiring all your personal information.? ADDED SPACE AND COMPARTMENTS – Instant access for all important documents and ID’s. Added compartments for credit cards, driver’s license, and passport. The added compartments and sleeves will keep all documents safe, secure, and free from identity theft and unauthorized access.? HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – The travel organizer is made with an extra soft interior liner along with PVC windows that is durable and lightweight. A pure polyester material provides for a high quality flexible strong organizer.? ADJUSTABLE LIGHTWEIGHT NECK WALLET – An adjustable long lightweight neck wallet allows for changing the neck strap to fit any preference. Can be worn around the neck, on the shoulder, and for added safety wearing on the neck/shoulder combined.

Would you like to travel safely, securely, and have a stress-free vacation? You can do that and more with the secure Passport Holder, Boarding Pass Neck Pouch Multifunctional Travel Wallet. Identity theft at airports is blocked and no pickpocketing can occur. It also has plenty of space for your cell phone, which is perfect when traveling.

Safety, Stress-free and Comfortable Passport Holder Neck Pouch Stash

? Stress-free traveling
? Easy access to boarding passes
? Fits all cell phones
? Conceal the passport holder under shirt
? All important documents secure
? Enjoy traveling without worry
? Comfortable
? Adjustable
? High-Quality Materials
? RFID Blocker Technology
? Durable Materials
? Functional
? Identity Theft Blocker
? Excellent for Travelers
? Convenient
? Wear Several Ways

Only $18.89
Buy with confidence

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