Palawan Is A Jewel In The Philippines

palawan photo
Photo by Caryl Joan Estrosas

Palawan certainly is the Philippines’ biggest province. Its undamaged environment houses unchanged forests, exquisite seashores as well as uncontaminated waters delivering a stunning number of underwater life. With more than 1,780 islands that stretch out through the Mindoro Strait right down to the tip of Borneo, Palawan certainly is the best adventure destination.

South Palawan

Typically the southern region of Palawan doesn’t possess as many visitors attractions as its northern region, nevertheless it has caverns and falls worthy of exploring. The Tabon Caves is a large network of caves where 47 thousand year-old human being remains have been discovered in pre-historic burial grounds. The caves can be reached with a thirty-minute boat trip from Quezon.

Central Palawan

Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan. It is the best spot to stay in while exploring central and the southern area of Palawan. There are many adventures that can be accomplished as day trips from Puerto Princesa. A three-hour drive to the Subterranean River in Sabang is de rigueur whenever touring Palawan. The river works through a limestone cave that is reported to be the longest navigable river-traversed tunnel anywhere. If scuba diving or tropical island hopping is the trip of choice, a day trip or an overnight lodge at Honda Bay isn’t going to disappoint you. Businesses and hotels in Puerto Princesa offer you packaged excursions around Honda Bay.

North Palawan

The ideal areas to go to in Northern Palawan would be the Bacuit Archipelago and Port Barton. Port Barton is a small town set on a breathtaking beach which often offers marvelous sunsets. With its tranquil and remote atmosphere, it is a excellent place for individuals and their families. The Bacuit Archipelago features uneven limestone islands which emerge from the seas of Bacuit Bay. It’s the best spot to undertake some exploring on a Bangka, or scuba diving in the vibrant coral gardens, or having a picnic on a deserted expanse of shoreline.

The Calamian Group

The Calamian Group is like a small version of Palawan, which has each of the major interesting attractions that Palawan is providing: pure, white-sand shorelines, virgin tropical rain forests, relaxing accommodations, and breathtaking dive and snorkeling sites. In addition, the Calamian Group houses some sight-seeing opportunities that the remainder of Palawan does not offer you: the panoramic lakes of Coron Island and wreck diving in Busuanga Island. There are more than ten wrecks close to Busuanga, which include Japanese ships and merchant vessels that had been taken down by American aircraft in the course of World War 2. The shipwrecks are normally found at various depths which provide diving opportunities for both newcomers and expert divers. Coron Island provides two principal attractions: Lake Barracuda and Lake Kayangan. Lake Barracuda is definitely popular with divers due to its unusual levels of fresh, salt and briny water. It is normally got to by using a tricky twenty-five meter climb over a tough wall on the island. Lake Kayangan has three impressive arms which reach to the rough, jungle-covered regions of Coron Island. It usually is reached by climbing a sharp mountain wall.

Palawan is really a rare jewel. Every single traveler should really visit Palawan once in the course of their lifetime. Having a distinctive biodiversity, untainted forests and beautiful shorelines, Palawan is definitely the Philippines’ last frontier.

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