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There is 7,000 plus islands throughout the Philippines. Taking a trip within the archipelago is believed to be both unique and taxing. Filipino holiday travel includes lots of beach locations, untainted sceneries and hotel hopping. With regard to fussy travelers, luxury travel in the Philippines could mean total exposure to the country’s charm and natural resources. Regrettably, some bad publicity has dogged the Philippine vacation and tourist industry in recent times, and that has understandably put a damper on most people’s holiday plans. Having said that, it’s well worth the experience for the forward-looking visitor.

The language barrier will not be an issue throughout your journey simply because around 85% of the local people at the very least have an understanding of English, and a decent majority speak it well enough to make it amongst the leading call center outsourcing nations for the English-speaking community. Even in far-flung regions, an English-speaker should have no problems getting understood, particularly in luxurious hotels which cater to foreigners who are on vacation. Travel to the beaches might provide you the opportunity to feel the hospitality of the people, which makes it a preferred place to go for many travellers. Philippine travel is one great experience you can’t afford to miss especially if you are on the verge of looking great places.

Additionally, holiday accommodation at even luxury hotels and serviced condominiums are very affordable. A tourist making the most of his/her travel will probably pay as low as $30 a night in Southern Leyte, in the southern area of the country. The services at such hotels and resorts include a wide selection of cuisines, from the popular adobo to Italian fare orchestrated by international cooks. Health club amenities jostle for prominence with scuba diving options, because the reefs around the Philippine beaches are considered to be among the best worldwide.

Just about the most popular places is Boracay Island. This place delivers high class travel for many tourists with full accommodation, luxury resorts to the simple hut on the shore. Adventurous tourists can also enjoy their travel around the white beaches and clear blue waters.

Alternative destinations include Cebu and Davao. Within the island of Luzon, choices are diverse from the beach vacation to cultural engagement with a travel tour of the numerous historical sites including Corregidor and Bataan , not forgetting the sights of Manila and Cavite. Exclusive islands for the tired travellers are available like Pamalican; a tropical island located 200 miles from Palawan. The Amanpoulo capitalizes on the tropical beauty, providing travellers with casitas, hut-like structures that mask the modern facilities of the interior. Surrounded by coral reefs, your luxury travel within the Philippines can be quite a reality when you visit Amanpoulo, this location can be reached by charter plane coming from Manila at $330 per person. Once at Amanpoulo, a guest can enjoy all facilities for $900 per person for seven days. It’s usually fully booked so if you wish to spend your vacation at Amanpoulo, book ahead of time through your own travel agent.

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