Is It Safe In Manila For Tourists?

Is It Safe In Manila For TouristsOne thing that concerns travelers more than anything else, is whether or not the place that they are traveling to is safe. This question springs up more often than not when it comes to Manila. Situated in the northern part of the Philippines, this city is recognized as the most crowded in the world. As is normal with many cities like this in Asia, the people range from the very poor, who live in shanty town’s, to the very rich, which live in properties that tower above the surrounding area.

The main problem with Manila is the traffic, most people are not ready for it. If you are used to driving in a country that has a certain amount of etiquette and courtesy then it will likely come as a complete shock. No one seems to bother with the red lights, people turning left can be three lanes to the right, each vehicle only has a gap of about 10 cms between them, any less and someone else will squeeze. The sound of constant beeping can unnerve a lot of travelers. While the smell of the fumes can really lower the air quality.

After saying all that, although the traffic in Manila is hectic, it is probably one of the safest places to be. As it all moves so slowly, the worst thing that can happen is a small bump with another vehicle, which results in a dent or scratch. When it comes to the fast roads and those outside the capital, then things are different. Locals still have a habit of not following common sense road rules, so expect cars on the wrong side of the road, people walking down the middle, and vehicles with no lights at night.

When it comes to walking around, as with any city, safety depends on where you are. Always use common sense in any foreign country. Do not wear jewelry, not even the imitation kind. Also, do not dress as though you are rich, always dress down. Keep your money, credit cards, and other things in front pockets. Never put anything in back pockets. The ladies need to use bags that are closed, and always kept hold of in front of them. Bum bags may not look cool, but they can be safe. The problem with them is that they advertise that you are a tourist, not really a good idea.

Places like Makati and MOA are perfectly safe at night, but for any other regions, it is best to travel in a taxi. When doing that, always make sure that the driver puts the meter on, if they don’t, get out of the vehicle. Also, never travel alone, especially if you are a female.

Having been to Manila on numerous occasions in my life, I have never had a problem when it has come to the safety aspect. Just make sure that if you are ever held up to be robbed, just give them what they ask for quickly.

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