Discover The Philippine Weather And Climate

Philippine Weather And ClimatePhilippine Weather and Climate is hot in general and is deemed for its rising hotness, humidity and rain.

The weather in the Philippines is characterized by extremely rising temperatures that might be shown by the fact that even during the coolest months of the year the temperatures do not drop below 25 ° C. An added significant factor that affects weather in the Philippines is a higher level of humidity which is related with the high temperatures. The usual yearly humidity of the Philippines remains in the 71% to 85% range.

In the months of March to May, temperatures and humidity in the Philippines reach its peak thereby creating weather that can be tremendously unbearable. Another essential cause that influences the climate of Philippines is stormy weather. In reality, a lot of Philippine humidity and rainfall is a result of these tropical storms.

Rainfall – A significant Element

Rainfall is an extremely significant cause in conditioning the Philippine Weather and Climate. The rate of precipitation varies from one place to another depending upon the direction of the moisture-bearing winds and the placement of the mountain range. The annual rainfall experienced by the Philippines is roughly around 4, 064 millimetres. Some areas receive heavy rainfall such as Baguio Town and Surigao, whilst rainfall is truly lower in areas such as General Santos Town. In truth it is the level of rainfall received by a specific location that decides its climate.

Seasons in Philippines

Rainy Period – May to October
Sunny Period – November to April

You will find two distinctive kinds of seasons in Philippines – Rainy Season and the Dry Period. Philippine Weather and Climate revolves according to the seasonal variations.

Philippine Typhoons

The Philippine Typhoon, or bagyo in Tagalog, are just spoiling for a fight from July to October. The wreckage they create every year is crushing on an emotional and economic level.

These storms in the Philippines come in from the Western Pacific Ocean and only hit the eastern shoreline of the Philippine Islands in the majority of cases. The storm winds can make speeds of over 130 km/hour, with the actual storm moving at a speed through the water and coastal lowlands close to 25km/hour. This means you could visualize the damage they can cause in rural areas just where housing is created from local produce.

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