Top Philippine Travel Destinations You Should Not Miss

Top Philippine Travel Destinations You Should Not MissThe most populated of the seven Philippine Islands, the Philippines is a nation that is rich in history and culture. It has been a home to many historical figures including the likes of the first American president and the ones who followed in his footsteps such as the American revolutionary leaders in Washington and Adams. Over the years, however, this small country has blossomed into a modern nation, with great cities, modern infrastructure, and a lot of promise for the future. Here are some of the top Philippine travel destinations you should not miss when you get back to the States:

Manila – One of the largest cities in the Philippines, Manila is home to the international airport as well as the country’s central bank. There are a lot of historical sights and museums here as well as a vibrant nightlife. The Manila International Airport features the world’s third largest domestic airport, making it one of the busiest airports in all of Asia. A visit to this city would satisfy even the most avid traveler and would definitely be worth the effort.

Boracay – This island lies along the southern tip of the Philippines and is one of its most popular tourist destinations. Known for its long stretch of white sandy beaches and for its weather conditions that remain pleasant all year around, Boracay is a favorite among families and couples alike. If you are traveling to the island during the peak season, expect to pay a premium price for tickets and accommodation. This island is also popular for its dive shops, which offer a wide array of colorful and diverse marine life. Most diving enthusiasts would tell you that Boracay is a must-visit for anyone interested in scuba diving or snorkeling in the Philippines.

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