Travelwey Travel Money Belt, Beige

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Travelwey Travel Money Belt, Beige

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Product Features

COLOR BEIGE – The Travel Money Belt blends with natural skin tone so people don’t know you’re wearing it.TWO ZIPPERED COMPARTMENTS – Use one for cash and one for important documents allowing you to know where everything is in an instant. As of November 2015, two metallic clips are now secured at either end of the zippers to prevent breakage.EXTRA LONG, ELASTIC, ADJUSTABLE STRAP – Extendable strap, up to 55 inches, to fit most body types with elastic for a comfortable fit.BREATHABLE MESH REAR – Stops your skin from sweating so you are comfortable even if you wear it all day.DURABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT – Incredibly light so you will forget you’re wearing it. Tested for durability, this money belt will last for many years.

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Product Description

Simple Design Makes Travelling That Whole Lot Safer

We all have reservations of being abroad and carrying money in our wallets, especially with the vast amount of pickpocketing that naturally occurs in any tourist trap. Having peace of mind knowing that your money, passport or credit cards are safe can be a huge burden lifted for any anxious traveller.

The Best Travel Money Belt For Your Needs

The Travelwey Money Belt offers a secure, comfortable and affordable way to avoid these travel concerns. The polyester bag comes in a beige color with an elastic nylon strap that can be adjusted accordingly to your size and is comfortable to wear up to 55 inches waist. The two zippered compartments, which now contain metallic clips to prevent breakage, are large enough to contain your passport, currency, credit cards and I.D.

The Travel belt is extremely light weight and thin and though it can be worn over the top of your clothing, its design specifically lends itself to being worn discreetly under your clothes so that no prying pickpockets can get at your possessions.

Product Features

• Two zippered compartments with metal stoppers

• Extra Long, Elastic, adjustable strap up to 55″ waist

• Breathable mesh rear for added comfort

• Durable and light weight


• 60 days, no questions asked, full money back guarantee if unsatisfied with the product

• 1 year warranty for defects

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Only $10.96
Buy with confidence

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