Visiting the Best Filipina Beaches in the Philippines

The Philippine Islands of Cebu and Manila is just two of the most famous tourist destinations in the country, with Phuket being the capital city. However, there are a good number of other lesser known but equally beautiful destinations that are equally attractive to visitors. Among them is the province of Cavite, which is located in the northeast corner of the island. A visit to this province will surely take you to witness the best white sand beaches anywhere, in the world. In fact, even the most ardent nature lover will not want to miss a trip to this province, because there are a number of walking trails that provide amazing views of the surrounding area and this also makes it a great place for camping.

Another province that offers a great deal of enjoyment is Zamboanga Bay, which is a popular hotspot for visitors to the Philippines. One can easily spend a number of enjoyable days on the sand beach while enjoying the water and marine life. For those who are looking for more excitement, there is the Zamboanga peninsula which is well-developed and has some of the finest white sand beaches in the country. A few of the most popular Zamboanga beaches include San Quentin and El Capitan, which offer stunning views of the mainland. Another beach worth visiting is the Zamboanga peninsula itself, which has white sand beaches ideal for sunbathing and snorkeling.

One of the most famous beach destination in the country is Palawan, which is a popular destination for tourists from across the globe. There are innumerable places to explore in and around Palawan, and the locals are warm and friendly and will offer a lot of information about their city and its beaches in English. Some of the most popular beaches that can be visited in Palawan include Quepos, Binondo, Miramar and Fort Bonifacio.

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